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Qt Quiet technology™

Behind all Cambridge Sound Management's products is our patented Qt Quiet technology™, a low-voltage, distributed audio system that is a generation ahead in sound masking, paging and voice distribution. Qt Quiet technology™ overcomes significant design and installation issues with previous generations of sound masking systems. The result is a technology that is flexible, uncomplicated and effective and can be installed at the lowest cost in the industry.

The Sound

Comparison of Sound Masking Spectra For Constant AI

The Delivery

Directivity of an Oasis Emitter at 2kHz
(Measured by Armstrong Inc.)

Directivity of an Oasis Emitter at 2kHz

System Specification, Layout and Installation

Qt graph
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Oasis Qt™

Sound Masking System

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The Qt Quiet technology™ Difference

The following objectives guide our design and development of Qt Quiet technology™

  1. Guarantee delivery of the most effective and pleasant sound spectrum possible.
  2. Make the background sound as uniform as possible throughout the coverage area.
  3. Avoid acoustical "spill" of the background sound from open office areas to adjacent private offices.
  4. Greatly simplify the layout and design of masking systems.
  5. Use pre-assembled and tested industry standard, inexpensive data cables and connectors in order to simplify installation and avoid errors in the field

Cambridge Sound Management has created a paradigm shift in sound masking technology with these guiding principles in mind.

Speech Privacy System Presentation

Speech Privacy System

What is speech privacy and why are people concerned about it?

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Sound Masking

improves workplace acoustics.

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