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Qt Quietpage™ - a generation ahead in paging and music distribution for the workplace

Qt Quiet page Controller

Qt Quietpage™ is a plug & play, direct-field paging and background music solution - a simple add-on to the Oasis Qt™ sound masking system from Cambridge Sound Management.


Paging and Music Components:


Paging and Music Features:

Oasis Qt™ Sound Masking System
(Required for installation of Qt Quietpage™):

Installation & Interconnection:

Emitter Housing Variations:

Scalability, Coverage and System Configuration:

Technical Configuration:

The Qt Quietpage™ module adds paging and/or background music imputs to the Oasis Qt™ sound tracking system. Qt Quietpage™ uses a separate power supply and is connected by a short audio cable to the host sound masking electronics.

Paging input is differential (balanced) for enhanced performance in electrically noisy environments but may also be used with unbalanced sources. Page input is accepted via a Phoenix™ 3-pin jack.

Music input is single-ended (unbalanced) to work with the headphone output of most commercial grade music sources - such as an MP3 player or audio receiver. The music functionality has two inputs (left and right channels of a stereo source) which are summed into a mono music signal. Music inputs are provided via RCA jacks.

Each input preamplifier has sensitivity adjustable over a 20dB range. Sensitivity is adjusted through the front face with a small screwdriver. Each input has a dedicated compressor, limiter, and noise gate. Each compressor may be individually disabled via a front-panel DIP switch (hidden below label so as not to be accidentally changed). Compression ensures consistent emitter-level output even if input source is too loud or not loud enough. Two LEDs display the level of each input source - green for signal present, orange when signal limiting is occurring. The two sources are mixed via front panel controls. This signal is then mixed with the sound masking noise in the Oasis Qt™ emitters.

Qt Quietpage™ Configuration:

5 x 4 x 2 inches (127 x 102 x 51 mm)
5 ounces (143 grams)
Page input impedance:
20K ohms, differential input
Music input impedance:
10K ohms, each of two inputs mixed to mono
Compression ratio
(paging and music inputs):
2:1dB input to output
Limiting ratio
(paging and music inputs):
15:1dB input to output
Noise Gate slope and threshold
(paging and music inputs):
1:3dB slope, -50dB threshold relative to limiter activation level
Frequency response
(paging and music inputs):
Band pass limited from 250Hz to 25kHz (+/- 1.5dB)
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