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Oasis Qt™ - A generation ahead in sound masking for the workplace

Oasis Qt

Oasis Qt™ is a plug & play, direct-field sound masking system. Applications range from ensuring confidential speech privacy in closed offices to reducing distractions and improving acoustical comfort in open plan areas. Installation size can range from 50 square feet to over 1 million square feet.


Privacy Standards:

Standard Components:

Control Module:


Power Supply:

Installation and Interconnection


Product Variations:

Scalability, Coverage and Configuration:

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best practises

Best Practices

for Acoustical Etiquette in the Office

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Qt Quietpage

Qt™ Quietpage

Paging and Music Distributuin

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Speech Privacy System Presentation

Speech Privacy System

What is speech privacy and why are people concerned about it?

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Speech Privacy Calculator

Sound Masking

improves workplace acoustics.

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