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Developers of Qt Quiet technology™

Cambridge Sound Management is a product company, developers of Qt Quiet technology™, a generation ahead in sound masking and distributed audio systems. Our mission is to make good workplace acoustics accessible to everyone, and to further the implementation and awareness of acoustical considerations in the workplace. Read more about Qt Quiet technology™.

Workplace Acoustics

The identification and study of workplace acoustics began in earnest over 45 years ago with a landmark paper in the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America (JASA). Over the past several decades, positive contributions to workplace acoustics have been made – more sound absorbing and isolating building materials, highly sound absorbent ceiling tiles, quieter office machines, and quieter HVAC systems, just to name a few. However, by and large, the current design trends in the workspace have had a detrimental effect on speech privacy. Lower cubicle heights, increased density from smaller workspaces, and trends in architectural design such as open ceilings, lightweight modular walls, exposed beams and interior domes fashioned to look like skylights — appeal to our non-hearing senses, but simultaneously have worsened workplace acoustics.

The Time is Now

There is an urgent, practical need to reduce distractions and to create productive work environments in open plan and architecturally dramatic workspaces. There is an increasingly urgent need to ensure confidential speech privacy in a variety of settings from private offices in the workplace, to financial service and healthcare environments. Acoustical considerations are at the forefront

The ABC's of Workplace Acoustics

As an acoustician, you may refer your clients to the ABC's of office acoustics to help explain the essentials of achieving good speech privacy. A=Absorb (usually via ceiling tile); B=Block (via workstation panels); and C=Cover-up (via electronic sound masking). And while we know that all three factors (A, B, and C) are needed to achieve optimal results, increasing background sound (C=Cover-up) often produces the most dramatic improvements in speech privacy.

Elegant, Simple and Right — Everytime

As former designers of above-ceiling masking systems, we are confident that you will welcome the elegance, simplicity and flexibility of a Qt Quiet technology™ direct-field, sound masking system. Because our emitters are mounted in the targeted space, most typically mounted in the ceiling tile (and not above it), you will no longer need to deal with the vagaries of plenum conditions—unducted return air openings, plenum barriers, beams, ducts and other obstructions. Your clients are guaranteed the right sound, plug and play, out of the box; no tuning required. With a Qt Quiet technology™-based system the sound is, by contrast, guaranteed to be right—every time.

With Qt Quiet technology™ we take mystery, complexity and cost out, making sound masking and workplace acoustics accessible to everyone. Standard components, cables and connections make specification and installation straightforward. Achieving the appropriate sound masking sound is standard out-of-the-box. It is all that is needed when plenum is out of the equation and simplicity and improving acoustics is in.

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"Libraries are supposed to be quiet, but with whispers heard 40 feet away — I knew we had a unique acoustical problem. With the help of an acoustical consultant and Cambridge Sound Management's sound masking solution, we now have a library that seems quieter and is still beautiful. We are delighted."

Bob Jarvis, Buildings and Grounds Williams College
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What is Qt Quiet technology™?

Qt Quiet technology™ is a generation ahead of old-fashioned, in plenum alternatives.

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