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Direct-field vs. In-plenum

Direct-field systems

direct fields

A Qt Quiet technology™- based sound masking system is direct-field, installed in the workspace. Emitters uniformly disperse a pre-programmed, spectra-appropriate sound through 4 sequenced channels. As a result, the sound is far quieter and less obtrusive than competing alternatives for the same level of masking speech.

Omni-directional direct field systems use significantly less power than in-plenum masking systems.

In-plenum systems


Competing sound masking systems are “in-plenum”, meaning large paint can-like loudspeakers are installed above the ceiling tiles. Sound is bounced off the ceiling deck, through the ceiling tiles into the workspace below. The sound is unpredictable and louder for the same level of speech privacy. These systems create “hot” spots and unwanted masking noise spills into unintended spaces such as private offices. These systems have been around since the 1960's. It is time for a change.

In-plenum systems are less flexible for installation in non-standard workspaces. They also require significantly more power because of the need to project sound through the ceiling

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"Libraries are supposed to be quiet, but with whispers heard 40 feet away — I knew we had a unique acoustical problem. With the help of an acoustical consultant and Cambridge Sound Management's sound masking solution, we now have a library that seems quieter and is still beautiful. We are delighted."

Bob Jarvis, Buildings and Grounds Williams College
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Speech Privacy System Presentation

Speech Privacy System

What is speech privacy and why are people concerned about it?

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What is Qt Quiet technology™?

Qt Quiet technology™ is a generation ahead of old-fashioned, in plenum alternatives.

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