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Sound Masking System

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What is the "best" sound masking system?

The best systems are "direct-field" systems. Compared to previous generations of systems, they are far simpler and less expensive to install, provide more uniform, unobtrusive sound in a targeted space and don't overflow into adjacent spaces or offices.

Cambridge Sound Management's patented Qt Quiet technology™ - based systems are direct-field, a generation ahead of the competing alternative. In a standard office environment, miniature emitters are installed in the ceiling tiles and deliver a pleasant, non-distracting, air conditioning-like sound into the targeted space. If your ceiling isn't "standard," the emitters can be mounted to exposed beams or even embedded in furniture or other fixtures.

Speech Privacy Calculator

Sound Masking

improves workplace acoustics.

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Speech Privacy System Presentation

Speech Privacy System

What is speech privacy and why are people concerned about it?

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