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Qt Quiet technology™

sound masking and paging systems are Flexible - for spaces from the ordinary to the extraordinary; Uncomplicated - eliminate the complexities of old-fashined in-plenum alternatives; and effective. Qt Quiet technology™, a generation ahead.

Oasis QT™ A generation ahead in sound masking for the workplace

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Oasis Qt™, designed for flexibility and simplicity, provides superior speech privacy and improves workplace comfort at significantly less cost and complexity than in-plenum, sound masking alternatives.

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"The Bank of America National Helpline site in Boston houses over 200 associates. Even with all that talking, our work environment is private and productive, thanks to sound masking from Cambridge Sound Management. Their solution is straight-forward and effective. I wouldn't open a call center without it."

Edward (Ted) Klemm, Vice President, National Helpline Bank of America

Case Studies

office -’s Maynard, Massachusetts office is in a unique, 100-year old former mill building consisting of exposed brick, wooden beams and many large windows. These highly sound-reflective elements combined with 15-foot ceilings created an acoustical challenge. The Oasis Qt™ sound masking system eliminated reverberations within the space and created a comfortable, highly-productive work environment.

“Because we designed an open plan for seating, it was imperative we came up with a solution to the noise issue,” says Joanne Katz, Director of Facilities at Monster. “Cambridge Sound Management’s Oasis Qt™ system was a life saver. We forget the system is even there until it’s accidentally turned off – then employees are asking why they can suddenly hear what is going on five desks away!”

Williams College

Williams College - three story ceilings, brick walls, no ceiling tiles and so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Williams College’s sound masking requirements were exceeded with Qt Quiet technology™.

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Bank of America

Bank of America - 38,000 square feet of renovated open office plan workspace with low (42") cubicle partitions, no interior walls, domes fashioned to look like skylights. Qt Quiet technology™ created a comfortable, highly productive work environment.

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for Acoustical Etiquette in the Office

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What is Qt Quiet technology™?

Qt Quiet technology™ is a generation ahead of old-fashioned, in plenum alternatives.

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Speech Privacy System Presentation

Speech Privacy System

What is speech privacy and why are people concerned about it?

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